There is much truth in the cliché that therapy is a journey. Sometimes it's an exploration of who we are, whilst at others it's looking at who we are not or who we have had to be. It can involve humour, creativity in all its many forms, silence and wonder, as much as it invokes the pains we experience in our lives. While the process may focus outside the therapy room on problems in the 'real world', the work of therapy can also involve understanding the relationship which naturally arises between you and I over the weeks or months we meet.

I offer weekly meetings which promote a safe and predictable environment where together in this confidential space we can attend to the texture of your life - what's it like to be you.  At your own pace we can seek to make sense of aspects of your life that may be troubling. Our work is a joint effort to understand your situation with the goal of you living with more energy and less under the control of the past, of other people or of particular emotions or beliefs.    

I work with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, autism, relationship problems and direction in life.  Sometimes people find it difficult to identify exactly what it is that is of concern and it's fine to spend time exploring this experience.